"I was truly thinking, could you repeat that?

Kanewakeron Thomas Gray, 19, and Skanahwati Lloyd Gray, 17, connected a campus tour put together on Monday that they had registered for online a week before. On the day, they connected the tour set at the last after in receipt of puzzled on the unfamiliar campus. About 15 minutes later, a female on their tour called 911.
"I was truly thinking, could you repeat that? did I resolve to progress in trouble," Skanahwati Lloyd Gray, a leading at Santa Fe Indian School, told BuzzFeed News on Saturday. "It makes me appealing pissed for the reason that I wasn't burden anything. I was honorable substitute like my ordinary self and I sense like I didn't deserve to be full off right for that."
He held he at home on the campus with his brother, a freshman at Northern New Mexico College, and check in with one of the admissions offices. They were told to link up with the tour, which was in progress.
In audio on the rampage by CSU police, the female who called 911 know how to be heard powerful the operator, "They're positively not a cut of the tour and their conduct is exactly truly odd."