Ultra long distance travel

Like it or not, we're inflowing the period of ultra-long aloofness journey – a humankind anywhere journey era bottle stretch to 20 hours and stopovers are optional.

It can be argued that we're before now there, at slightest in the project of Qantas' each day Airbus A380 getaway between Sydney and Dallas/Forth Worth. This one before now pushes the envelope for the superjumbo's range, at around 15 hours for the QF9 departure from Sydney to Dallas and 17 hours for the QF8 put back leg.

But the non-stop heroes of 2018 will be flights to London and New York by Qantas and Singapore Airlines, respectively.

Qantas final month launched its immediate Perth-London air travel on the Boeing 787, nonetheless for every one the display surrounding the red-tailed Dreamliner forging the main shortest link up between Australia and the UK, simply certain of its passengers will be Perth residents.

Qantas requirements to predict travellers from the likes of Sydney and Melbourne jet across to Perth on a domestic journey and at that moment measure on the Boeing 787 to get down to it their non-stop journey