similar protests

In February‚ protesters believed to be part of the former Jozi@Work initiative marched to Metro Centre‚ attacked shop stewards of the SA Municipal Workers’ Union and then went on a rampage‚ scattering waste on roads in Hillbrow and Braamfontein. In September last year‚ Pikitup was faced with similar protests from ex-Jozi@Work beneficiaries‚ who demanded permanent employment in the city. The damage cost the city R50‚000 a day for the additional resources it had to use‚ it said.

The contract workers to be insourced form part of a group who lodged a long-standing employment dispute with Pikitup.

Mashaba said: “While we are only able to accommodate 1‚400 of the total 3‚000 former employees‚ consisting of both Jozi@Work and 2010 contract workers‚ due to budget constraints from Pikitup‚ it must be noted that the issue is not with the number of people employed. Rather‚ our main priority is ensuring that fair remuneration and dignity is provided to these contract workers.