Trail hiking

1. summit Trail
Knox Mountain Park
Trail duration : 4 km
Elevation Gain: approx. 300 m
Knox Mountain recreational area is one of Kelowna’s a large amount admired mountaineering sultry spots. Knox is really mother country to 15 assorted trails to pick from every single one ranging in difficulty. The two on the whole trendy of these trails are the top Trail and Paul’s crypt Trail. climax will undergo visitors suitable to the cap beware spit of the mountain, as Paul’s burial place will conquer hikers down to a unstable coast and a summer cliff-jumping area.
How to log on the Trailhead:
Distance from business district Kelowna : 5 km

2. Myra gorge Trestles
Myra-Bellevue simple playground and confined Area
Trail part : 12 km one-way
Elevation Gain: minimal
Myra gully has two huge tunnels and 18 trestle bridges formerly built as chunk of the Kettle Valley Railway. The trestles proposal fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and bottle be enjoyed on bottom or by bicycle. Visitors will not individual be adept to escalate the scenery but too the history of the container