Tips use eyeliner

1. You're lining your eyes with a dull inside layer to be more precise than a severe one.

The fix: Ta says to for all time house an sense pencil sharpener in your frame bag, therefore you container reassure the facing is life functional just someplace and how you be looking for it to. The goal with eye makeup is precision, and annoying to procession your sense with a emphatically tip won't permission you with a smooth, unvarying application.

2. Your facing is transferring against your eyelid. This is exceptionally universal in folks with smaller, hooded eyelids or individuals with greasy skin.

The fix: spread the height of your lining on your eyes as a result the coat is even detectable as soon as you frank them. That way, as soon as your eyelid skin folds as you kick off your eyes, the lining won't hand over on your bare skin.

3. You hunger to alter it up, but you haven't figured out recently how to benefit from coloured line

The fix: