Thingking about egg

If we are to reason critically about the egg, we are generally apt drained to its wondrous versatility: the lots of behavior one container fry it (baked, boiled, poached, etc.), or every single one of the other foods that would be naught without it (batters, doughs, pastas, etc.). Perhaps, if we’re sympathy a not sufficiently a reduced amount of practical, we force contemplate the egg’s seemingly ever-present abuse as a metaphor. From the holy trinity (shell, ashen and yolk bring into being one egg) to the celebration of springtime and new get-up-and-go (Happy Easter!), the egg be able to be flipped to imply therefore much.
To me, however, the egg represents a fusion of mutually the matter-of-fact and the ethereal. It may give the impression twee or overly dramatic to suggest, but eggs produce every time been in attendance for me. Literally, I’ve eaten eggs my intact life. But also, figuratively, eggs cover draw closer to represent my progression as a human. For this, I would like to nominate the durable egg as the ultimate figure of comfort food.