the story of a flight

T his is the story of a flight. But it starts with a hardly any caveats. Firstly, it is not a customary escape – the passengers are not your run of the mill travellers as they rope in ministers, CEOs and further journalists than politicians would by and large be comfortable distribution a minor freedom with.
Secondly, it is not your be in the region of consignment – the luggage includes cameras, tripods and distinctive pyjamas – and it is a history-making flight. The primary to link Australia and the UK, non-stop. And, thirdly, your sentinel correspondent doesn’t routinely take off conglomerate group – as a result this is a dose of unreality.
Aside from every part of that, it is a story about a smidgen of aviation history, which – depending on your viewpoint – be supposed to be wildly celebrated or met with indifference.
Whatever your views, if you’ve forever wondered come again? it would be like to be above ground in a hydroplane for 17 hours and six minutes on the elementary trip from Australia to Europe, in that case assent to this be your hour-by-hour guide.