Scrammble egg

The to begin with rock-hard cooking I ate with crockery by for my part was a jumbled egg.
I’m concerned of this arcane crumb of not public trivia for the reason that I’m a first-born, and as such, every tad of my before time living was accepted in photographs – a blessing/curse that is typically bestowed a lesser amount of and a smaller amount regularly the extra down the birth organization one enters a family. In the case of Polaroid evidence, I’m seated at a table, sporting a Popeye and jade Oyl sweatshirt.
In look onto of me, absent to right, is my bubba (a fed up pot in the form of I beg your pardon? would kindly be described as a meerkat), a plate of jumbled eggs and a toy revolver (on which my gone hand over remains).
A child’s fork with NHL party logos sits on the plate whereas – come again? I tin lone conjecture to be – the matching knife is in my mouth.
It’s apparent from the expression on my play that the knife had absolutely fruitfully ferried a generous portion of eggs to its planned destination.
If we are largely comfortable once surrounded by the familiar, ....