Lemon juice added to tea

The thearubigins in brewed tea are abundantly coloured (red-brown) molecules that convert according to the bitterness of the liquid second-hand .
If the stream old for the tea blend is pretty alkaline (for example, appointed to limescale originate in “hard” water), the colour of the tea will be darker and deeper.
However, just the once an acid such as a slice of lemon or lemon juice is added, tea changes colour as of an amplify in sharpness (reduction in pH) of the potion itself. Lemon juice is somewhat tough as a cuisine acid – a a small number of drops are an adequate amount of to amend the theaurbigins, consequential in a dramatic alteration in colour. Interestingly, theaflavins are not that artificial by the substitute in acidity, and dispel hold on to their natural night burgundy colour.
In a instance of ecological tea, the tallying of lemon juice will as well influence the colour through a like process. This fallout in a greatly paler brew - beyond the smooth that would strike lately by original tea suspension.