Hiking trail

4. Canyon Rim Trail
Bear Creek Provincial Park
Trail Length : 2.5 km roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 90 m
The Canyon Rim Trail in Bear Creek Regional Park is the longest of three trails in the area. This trail features waterfalls, staircases and bridges for hikers of all levels to explore. There is also plenty of wildlife in the area including tree frogs, coyotes and sometimes bears.
How to Access the Trailhead: visitwestside.com
Distance from Downtown Kelowna : 10.6 km
5. Mill Creek
Mill Creek Regional Park
Trail Length : 1.5 km one-way
Elevation Gain: approx. 200 m
Hikers come to Mill Creek mainly to visit the waterfalls. While not huge, the waterfalls do create a few pools that visitors often swim in. Hikers can continue to explore past the end of the main trails but it is advised to bring a GPS if doing so.
How to Access the Trailhead: tourismkelowna.com
Distance from Downtown Kelowna : 17 km
6. Crawford Falls
Crawford Estates
Trail Length : 1 km one-way
Elevation Gain: 300 m
Crawford Falls is a gorgeous hike for those that love a good work out and chasing waterfalls. Hikers will climb down to the falls, using provided ropes for support. In snow or rain, the trail can be very slick and icy so proceed with caution. To reach the second waterfall, hikers may need to climb up the boulders beside the smaller, first waterfall.
How to Access the Trailhead: tourismkelowna.com
Distance from Downtown Kelowna: 11 km