Hard track

vigorous Tack
This ram lasts for ever, in completely types of hotness extremes. That’s why it was full on lingering sea voyages and prearranged other names like pilot bread, hut bread, convey biscuit, sea biscuit or sea bread. Soldiers in the American Civil War plus called it dagger dullers, molar top or expanse iron. It doesn’t fit fantastically delicious but falling it in a cordial goblet of tea or breakup it into a soup on a icy coldness day alongside the trail is divine.

3 cups of colorless flour
2 teaspoons of salt
1 goblet of water

Mix the flour, irrigate and salted together, creation solid the filling inhabit reasonably dry. spool it out, custody it at about a half-inch thickness, and restrict it into rectangles three inches by three inches. Poke holes on the top. consign on a non-greased cooking area and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for half-an-hour. consent to it rise and harden for a hardly any days, and as soon as it has the regularity of a brick, it's on the verge of to bundle on your trip.