Favorite hiking trail near kelowna

Pincushion Mountain
Trail duration : 2 km one-way
Elevation Gain: approx. 200 m
Pincushion Mountain is located emphatically above a little housing field at the summit of Ponderosa operate in Peachland. It’s a equitably steep climb to the peak and makes for a good workout. Stunning views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding Peachland topic tin be enjoyed at the high-level meeting and on the climb up as well.
How to gain access to the Trailhead: tourismkelowna.com
Distance from business district Kelowna : 25.7 km

Mission rivulet Greenway
Mission Creek
Trail chunk : 16.5 km one-way
Mission arroyo Greenway is comprised of two central trails on both feature of the conversational Mission Creek, building it the perfect ramble for families and friends. The wide, downright paths are household to an assortment of bridges crossing the stream and proposal amazing brook and reforest views. One of the highest trailheads, located on 2363 Springfield Road, as well has picnic areas and a children’s playground.
How to entry the Trailhead: regionaldistrict.com