Colour of tea

Today, tea varieties are roughly needy on the doling out techniques after harvest. These take account of corrosion and fermentation of tea leaves, which transform their colour and flavour. wear out of these manufacturing techniques provides six distinctive categories of tea, based primarily on colour: green, yellow, dark, white, oolong, and black.
Black tea and verdant tea are a lot (but not always) obtained from the invariable bury but their compound composition is hugely different.
The grass old for wet behind the ears tea invention are heated what's more by steam, disparage frying, hot or baking right away after harvesting. This handle stops compound reactions determined by the enzyme polyphenol oxidase that would if not oxidise coloured chemicals such as polyphenols (catechins).
This domino effect in tea custody its personal yellow-green colour. one time the plants are “fixed” they are weak – and are in that case rolled and dried to be converted into the consequence we spot on supermarket shelves.