Best belt

Bottega Veneta
In the commission of natural fiber belts, there's Bottega Veneta, followed by there's all else. Yes, you'll forfeit a premium, but that's spot on could you repeat that? you'll comprehend in return: premium. Provided you don't carry out impressive stupid, this luxury label's natural fiber leather belts are realistically in the bag to live together to your hips for existence to come.

Best recognized for its hypnotically gentle leather loafers , Italian luxury leather commodities bringer Tod's has a reassuringly safe grip on the exceedingly clothes that effect a belt new than a plain functional accessory.
Alongside signature double-T band designs (a plan for how to nail perfectly the aptly quantity of branding) you'll retrieve colourful fabric and rush leather options which exhibit that this heritage brand's not blind to the pleasures of experimental accessorising.

If you've had the nice luck to realize your wrist circled in one of American trade name Shinola's leather secure watches, you'll appreciate that they suspect good-looking damn perfect to wear.